• 1 Glass Shingles-Peter Vanderwarker
  • 2 Glass Shingles-Peter Vanderwarker
  • 3 Glass Shingles-Jane Messinger
  • 4 Glass Shingles-Jane Messinger
  • 5 Glass Shingles-Jane Messinger/AW
  • 1 Glass Shingles
  • 2 Glass Shingles
  • 3 Glass Shingles

The glass shingles for the CRI sculling pavilion recall one of New England’s oldest building traditions in a glass form that is at once reflective, transparent, porous, and water resistant. The sculling shells require protection from rain and snow but also require ventilation.

Custom extruded aluminum armatures and rubber gaskets hold the glass panels in place and provide both horizontal and vertical gaps for ventilation. The geometry of the glass wall and the natural pressurization of the pavilion effectively keep rain out, though driving rain is invited to fall within the envelope to a continuous crushed stone drain bed.