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Installation for Amman Design Week, 2017 Hangar Exhibition

Movement. An ancient civilization. Changing patterns.
Individual perception.

Civilizations have passed through Wadi Rum, a famed valley
of Jordan steeped in history. Through the lens of this complex historical and geological site, the installation considers the idea
of movement, weaving 3 kilometers of rope and 1.5 kilometers
of steel rebar to evoke the valley’s materials, colors, and exaggerated forms. Just as Wadi Rum influenced the passage of nomadic civilizations, the installation explores the transcendent space of threshold in shaping individual and shared experience. 

Two contrasting materials, rope and steel, are brought together
in this installation, contradicting assumptions about their texture, strength, and use. Malleable rope and stiff rebar are interwoven to create this place of shelter, its stability established not by the steel structure but by the rope’s tensile strength as it holds the steel in place. The form they create establishes a threshold marking movement through the piece and, inflected at its midpoint, offers
a moment of individual repose and reflection to each visitor.  

The materials’ color and weave establish a directionality that guides movement through the piece, serving as a conceptual bridge whose form may be symmetrical, but whose
experience — constricted at entry, then expanded, uplifted, unbound — is not. Differences between the materials are blurred, their scale and grain intermingling to create a third building element, completely its own. This abstraction suggests a monumentality that once again links personal and collective experience, encompassing the centuries of complex natural and human geography that is Wadi Rum. 

During Amman Design Week, Left of Passage, Right of Passage was awarded sponsorship by the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau.


Some photos courtesy of Amman Design Week
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