• 1 Drop Leaf Table-Florian Holzherr
  • 2 Drop Leaf Table-Jane Messinger
  • 3 Drop Leaf Table-Jane Messinger
  • 4 Drop Leaf Table-Florian Holzherr
  • 5 Drop Leaf Table-Jane Messinger

The drop leaf table examines the problem of the big table in the small room. The form is deceptive, concealing a dynamic structure of steel and wood that allows this simple looking table to work in complex ways. A steel frame and four articulating legs on casters support a solid walnut top that folds along two saw-tooth hinges.

When the legs swing to the corners the hinged leaves lift and open to expand into a dining table. When the legs swing inward the leaves drape over the frame and the table becomes a narrow sideboard that is easily rolled into position.