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The workstation is an office paradigm that has both revolutionized and confounded the office industry. Trade products that claim to be “inexpensive and reconfigurable” are often neither, and Anmahian Winton found that its most creative clients were hungry for other ways to promote teamwork, cross-pollination, transparency and privacy — with design rigor.

Anmahian Winton began this investigation by making a truly reconfigurable and cost effective platform that could accommodate a single occupant or a large team, and be reconfigured by one person with one tool in a matter of minutes. We developed a kit of parts and a design vocabulary that evolved across multiple projects where the “workstation” evolved to be the primary design solution for open desks, private offices, and meeting spaces. The modern office culture demands flexibility and spontaneity, and our systems are custom designed to be both highly specific to a client’s space, but also highly flexible to adapt to changing teams, structure, and strategy.