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The new American Indian Learning Resource Center (AILRC) will be one of the country’s leading American Indian centers, and a significant resource for American Indian students and faculty at the University of Minnesota – Duluth. The Center will house cultural gathering space, classrooms, a library, and office space, and will serve the entire Native American community, with particular focus on the Anishinabe (Ojibwa) tribe.

The building occupies a prominent “gateway” site at the south entry to the campus. An enclosed gallery connects the building to the internal circulation of the campus, while the rest of the building stands freely within a new landscape of native grasses and birch trees.

The landscape is both practical and symbolic, providing important outdoor gathering space while representing the Anishinabe ethos of environmental stewardship. Internal program spaces unfold along a perimeter stair that culminates in the upper level cultural gathering space and dramatic east facing views of Lake Superior and Madeline Island, the spiritual birthplace of the Anishinabe.

The AILRC is designed to LEED Silver standards, and is currently awaiting funding.