• 5 Operable Vents-Peter Vanderwarker
  • 6 Operable Vents-Jane Messinger
  • 8 Operable Vents
  • 9 Operable Vents
  • 10 Operable Vents
  • 11 Operable Vents-Jane Messinger
  • 4 Operable Vents-Sydney Thiel/Jane Messinger
  • 3 Operable Vents-Sydney Thiel
  • 2 Operable Vents-Sydney Thiel
  • 7 Operable Vents-Jane Messinger
  • 2 Operable Vents
  • 3 Operable Vents
  • 4 Operable Vents
  • 1 Operable Vents

The operable vents of the Community Rowing project possess many of the symbolic and functional qualities of the tobacco barn or covered bridge. Its form is its function, identity, and purpose.

The opening and closing of the vents effects the very nature of the building, making it porous and solid, transparent and opaque, breezy and still, thin and fat. The phenolic resin panels are hinged at their centers, and a simple chain pull and gearbox move a scissor hinge that pushes an aluminum frame outward and back.